Dear Friends,

As Chair of the Board of Directors, I am so pleased to share with you our 2022 Impact Report. Reflecting over the last year, we are reminded of how fortunate we are to have incredible donors like you, who were steadfast in your support throughout the pandemic. Because of you, we continue to provide youth across Eastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and the Islands with a caring, 1:1, professionally supported relationship with an adult mentor.

During the pandemic, you kept our foundation strong. For the second year in a row, you provided over $1M for our virtual Big Night. Without skipping a beat, you renewed your support for our in-person events when they returned in April, and introduced our mission to your friends, colleagues, and companies. Your gifts ensured our agency could continue our support of youth and families who were disproportionally impacted by the pandemic. You answered our call and helped match over 3,300 youth with caring adult mentors who will provide the help, guidance, and consistency they need now and into the future.

Thank you for ensuring our youth have access to our programs. I hope in the coming months, we have the opportunity to gather in support of our mission and celebrate our incredible community. On behalf of our Bigs, Littles, Families, and staff, thank you for your unwavering support of our agency.


Rose Sheehan
Chair, Board of Directors
Chief Human Resources Officer | Mass General Brigham
Big Sister

“The relationship with Ayden and Brad is what each parent hopes their relationship would be like with their Big.” – Tara Welsh, Ayden’s Mother


Brad Dixon, BBBSEM’s 2022 Big of the Year’s mentoring journey began nine years ago when he found himself an empty nester looking to do more in his community. A proud father of two daughters and grandfather of six, he knew he had more guidance to instill in a young person.

Together with his Little, Ayden Li Vargas, they forged a mentoring relationship that has grown to be like family. In their early days together, they bonded playing soccer and basketball where Dixon would attend as many of his performances and athletic games as he could. In more recent years, the duo’s focus became helping Li Vargas to achieve his goal of being the first person in his family to go to college. The soon to be high school graduate was recently accepted into all eight of the Massachusetts state universities where he applied. He looks forward to starting school at Framingham State University in the fall where he will study Computer Science.



Your support allows our agency to activate our community and support Bigs, Littles, and their families. Because of you, we:

  • Conducted 1,233 volunteer interviews with potential Bigs.
  • Made 39,273 match support calls to Bigs, Littles, and Families
  • Made 800 new matches

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BBBSEM prioritizes research and outcomes to build the most impactful, effective, and empowering mentoring program possible.

of BBBSEM guardians would recommend the BBBS experience to other guardians
of BBBSEM mentors agree that they’re compatible with their mentee
of BBBSEM mentees say their mentors care about them


City of Boston | 1,759
Northern Suburbs | 551
North Shore | 70
Lowell-Lawrence Area | 40
Metro-West | 194
South Coast | 142
Quincy, Plymouth, Brockton | 174
Cape & Islands | 294
Other | 9



This past year, we launched our innovative Mentor 2.0 program at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School, serving a cohort of 100-130 students in their Civic Infrastructure Academy. The program, part of our pathways programming, is currently running at three Boston Public Schools and serves to help high schoolers with college and career readiness.


The Cannistraro Team, including BBBSEM Board Member and Cannistraro General Counsel Regina McGregor with BBBSEM Mentor 2.0 staff after receiving the BBJ’s Corporate Citizenship Award.

As a leader in the mentoring industry, we have ambitious goals, including enhancing our pathways program. We can’t do it alone, which is where partners like Cannistraro, a leader in Boston’s construction industry, is uniquely positioned to step in and provide resources, expertise, and valued mentors and financial resources for programs like that at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School. This partnership exemplifies innovative, multi-level collaboration that drives positive outcomes for youth and advances our JEDI goals. Championed by BBBSEM Board Member and Cannistraro General Counsel Regina McGregor, we are able provide a one-to-one mentoring program for Madison Park High students seeking careers in the building trades. Students are mentored directly by trades professionals – many of whom are Cannistraro employees.


Over 400 golfers took to the links with football stars Kendrick Bourne and Devin Asiasi this June for our “can’t miss” tournament of the year! The tournament took place at Pinehills Golf Club in Plymouth, MA, and raised an incredible $1 million to support 1:1 youth mentoring in our communities.
Big [TBD] and Little [TBD] pose with Kendrick Bourne of the New England Patriots and Devin Asiasi of the Cincinnati Bengals


BBBSEM CEO, Mark O’Donnell, poses with Jon FitzGerald (SVB Securities), Jeff Leerink (SVB Securities and Board of Directors), and Andy Newman (SVB Securities)

We are deeply grateful to the Golf Classic committee, which provides unwavering support for this event year after year. We also thank our golfers, who helped recruit new mentors and raise a tremendous amount of funding for the agency. For more information on how to get involved, visit www.emassbigs.org/golfclassic.

Big Brother Dave and Little Brother Tyler

I had told Tyler how I always got leftovers to go and gave them to homeless people on the way home. Even a small gesture like that can make a difference. When Tyler and I went to Boston on an outing, we had lunch. I noticed he barely touched his meal.

Big Brother Greg & Little Brother Luis

Big Brother Greg Lopez struggled at first to connect with his Little Brother Luis. He wanted to teach him worthwhile life lessons but wasn’t getting through to him. After deciding to just relax and let their relationship work itself out, Greg had an “aha moment” on how to be the best mentor possible for Luis.

Big Brother Chuck & Little Brother Wil

At BBBSMB, we often tell our current and potential Bigs that they DO NOT need to be a hero in their mentoring relationship. While we still stand by that, for Bigs Evan and Chuck from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cape Cod & the Islands, it is a little different.

Big Brother Jared

My favorite memory with my Little was making an obstacle course. He always reminds me to be a little kid and enjoy life and not be uptight about things.

Jared Kortsen, Big Brother
Big Sister Kristine & Little Sister Charlotte

All you need is a giving heart to make a big impact on a child’s life. Kris, a mother of two grown sons, jumped at the opportunity to mentor a young girl, Charlotte, from her Martha’s Vineyard community.

Big Brother Jaiwon

My favorite memory would have to be the time when my Little spoke to me about girls and having a girlfriend. It was really funny to watch him blush, laugh, and totally blow it off.

Big Brother Jaiwon Martin
Big Brother Mike & Little Brother Azul

Having grown up in an environment filled with adversity, Big Brother Mike had caring adult role models who believed in him throughout his childhood.

Big Brother Mike Corcoran

One of my favorite memories was when we were having lunch in the library one day. Out of nowhere, he pulled a card out of his pocket and handed it to me. I opened it and it was a birthday card and a Starbucks gift card since I had just turned 21. I couldn’t believe he remembered and it was a really nice gift.

Big Sister Gabrielle & Little Sister Emma

Gabrielle knew she wanted to give back to her community, but as a college student with little money or influence, she knew that the one thing she had to give was time and effort. Although Emma has a great family with many siblings, having Gabrielle be there really made her feel special and helped her to grow as an individual.



As a result of the pandemic, significant social, emotional, and educational losses will be felt for years. The structures and supports that once surrounded youth have receded, and we know the youth and families we serve have been disproportionately impacted.

As a dynamic, professionally supported 1:1 mentoring program that provides youth with specific outcomes, we believe that all youth should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and the benefit of a caring adult in their lives. To meet the need of our community, we are developing an equitable, durable, and inspiring strategic path forward that will support 10,000 youth.

Your enduring support will enable us to meet the needs of youth and families. Thank you for your continued support of our agency.

Little Sister Rosela and Big Sister Karen


Rosemary Sheehan, Mass General Brigham | Chair

Jody Black, Social Policy Researcher & Consultant
Stephen M. Honig, Esq., Duane Morris LLP
Julia McCarthy, State Street Global Services
Sandy Edgerley
Enna Jimenez, IDEMIA
Mark O’Donnell, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern MA

Peter F. Campanella, Corning Inc. (retired)
David F. Lamere, Fidelity Investments (retired)
Omari Jahi Aarons, Aarons Group LLC
Rayna Lesser Hannaway, Polen Capital
Regina McGregor, Cannistraro LLC
Larry Renfro, UnitedHealthcare
Kevin Routhier, Coretelligent

Josh Greenhill, Baupost Group LLC
Jeffrey A. Leerink, SVB Securities
Timothy L. Dibble, Alta Equity Partners
Blandine Jean-Paul, Garden Remedies, Inc.
Chris Mitchell, Spectrum Equity
Raquel Rodriguez, Lawrence-Lynch Corp


Mark Coneeny, Putnam Investments | Chair

Chris Mitchell, Spectrum Equity | Co-Chair
Frank Petz, Colliers International | Co-Chair
Rayna Lesser Hannaway, Polen Capital | Vice Chair

Jennifer Dwyer, Bitwise Asset Management | Co-Chair
Sal Visali, GID Investments | Co-Chair


Jeff Leerink, SVB Securities | Co-Chair
Josh Greenhill, The Baupost Group LLC | Co-Chair
James Ahern, Laidlaw Capital Markets | Vice-Chair
Ken Bring, Berkshire Partners | Vice-Chair
Richard Kertzman, First Republic Bank | Vice-Chair
Rob Leerink, SVB Scurities | Vice-Chair
Dana McNally, Optum | Vice-Chai

Jonathan Jaxtimer | E.J. Jaxtimer Builder, Inc.

Stanley Startzell | Lincoln Investment

Shawn DeLude, Trashy Thoughts LLC | Co-Chair
Jeff Leerink, SVB Securities | Co-Chair
John Our, Robert B. Our Co., Inc. | Co-Chair

Dan Gill, ROI Communications | Event Founder
Christopher Bacon, Liberty Mutual Insurance | Co-Chair
Tim O’Brien, Cresa | Co-Chair
Cal Perez, Eastern Wealth Management | Co-Chair

Stanley Startzell | Lincoln Investment


Thank you to our most generous, multi-year donors, who provide
unimaginable support of our agency every year. 

Robert and Michelle Atchinson
Joshua and Anita Bekenstein
Johanna and Jeff Black
Jonathan and Margot Davis
Michael and Barbara Eisenson
Paul and Sandra Edgerley
Joshua and Sarah Greenhill

Phillip Gross and Elizabeth Cochary Gross
Jonathon and Joanna Jacobson
Jeffrey and Kristi Leerink
Marty and Tristan Mannion
Paul and Diane Manning
James and Kimberly Pallotta


Our agency gratefully recognizes our donors who made a gift or pledge in our fiscal year 2022, which occurred between 7/1/2021-6/30/21.

Daniel Ivascyn
Susan Kaplan
Christopher and Susan Mitchell

Wycliffe Grousbeck
David and Laura Lamere
Michael and Kimberly Lombard
Paul and Kristin Reeder
Kevin and Tracy Routhier
Charlotte and Herbert Wagner

$20,000 – $49,999
Kenneth and Jodi Bring
Peter and Monica Campanella
Richard and Zeina Grinnell
Robert and Kathleen Stansky
David Berman and Sarah Kenney
Jason and Keely Krantz
Mark Levin
Larry Renfro
Brian and Stephanie Spector

Jeremy Abelson 
Paul and Stephanie Basta 
Patrick Brogan and Tricia Black
Lynn and John Bogle 
John and Elaine Brouillard 
Benjamin Butcher and Linda Butcher
John Butterworth 
Kevin and Julie Callaghan 
Don Bulens and Lynne Capozzi
Christopher Bacon and Rachel Cash-Bacon
Robert Cawthorn 
Rahul Chaudhary 
Kate and Gerald Chertavian 
Mark and Susan Coneeny 
John and Stephanie Connaughton 
Chris Cooney 
Nora Leary and Daniel Corey
Timothy and Maureen Dibble 
Anthony and Deanna DiNovi 
Kristen Erekson 
Breht and Leslie Feigh 
Joshua and Sarah Greenhill 
Rayna and Kevin Hannaway 
William Hicks 
Richard and Athena Kertzman 
Daniel Silver and Rhanna Kidwell
Steve and Sally Lamb 
Robert and Amy Leerink 
Paula and Richard Long 
Phil Loughlin 
Matthew and Stephanie Magee 
Elaine and Tim Mann 
Kristin and Paul Marcus 
Dennis Nigro 
Kenneth and Marianne Novack 
Pavel Perlov 
Frank and Abigail Petz 
Travis Rhodes 
Rosemary and John Sheehan 
Michael and Jill Stansky
Eric and Lauren Stein 
Kate Lubin and Glen Sutton
George Thrush 
Karl Bandtel and Farley Urmston
Ralph and Laurine Verrilli 

Jerry Ambrosh 
John Anderson 
Matthew Beaulieu 
Jim and Sunny Brennan 
Michael Bronner 
Jay and Christy Cashman 
Tom Collins 
Demetrios and Sarah Dasco 
Dan Davidowitz 
Shawn DeLude 
Jim DeSisto 
Michael Dimaggio 
Dan and Laura Dubin 
Jeanna and Noah Elwood 
Robert Epstein 
Damon and Kena Ficklin 
Edward Finocchiaro 
Joseph and Sheila Flanagan 
Craig Garland 
Gregory Klemmer and Alex Gregory
Kelly Gross 
Bruce Herring 
Amos and Barbara Hostetter 
Bryan Head and Joan King
Christopher Vellturo and Natalie Kirkland
Eric Klotch
John Lashar 
Jimmy Lustig 
Paul Margolis 
Julia and James McCarthy 
John and Eleicea McPhee 
Gayle and Robert Mone 
Rene and Magda Mora 
Andy Newman 
Thomas O’Connor 
John and Barbara Our 
James and Maureen Palermo 
Andrea Patisteas 
Calixto Perez 
Robert and Christina Perez 
Mike Reynolds 
Alastair and Sarah Robertson 
Deborah Walker and Christopher Rodger
Paul Saganey 
Maurice and Luly Samuels 
Peter and Cynthia Schliemann 
Raymond Scott 
Rose and John Sheehan 
John and Margaret Sullivan 
Alex and Nacole Tanguay 
Chris Turner 

Joel Abelson 
Justin Adomunes 
Greg Agganis 
Paul Agyapong 
Robert Alvarado 
Robert Anderson 
Ken Andrichik 
John Angiolillo 
Sean Antonuccio 
Bill Ashmore 
Dennis and Susan Ausiello 
Zorka Bathe 
Bonnie Berger 
James Bettini 
Allan Fen and Kelly Bierly
Jeffery and Nancy Bilezikian 
Todd Bowers 
Paul Braverman 
Ryan Brennan 
Kristin Broadley 
Pamela Brock 
Jim Browne 
Jess Brust 
Nate Burns 
Robert Burns 
Chris Campanella 
Mario Campos 
Paul Kaboub and Kimberly Cargile
Rob Carmichael 
Victoria Cervone 
Shereen Shermak and David Chang
John Clark 
Scott Clay 
Kenneth and Lori Colmer 
Christian Conners 
James Contis 
Susan Conway 
Glenn Cort 
Gerry D’Ambrosio 
Emma Dann 
Stuart and Dana Davies 
Marsha Dishman 
Robert Donahue 
William, Christine and Will Dwyer 
Robert and Josephine Emmert 
Trey and Caitlin Eppes 
Robert and Lori Fernandez 
Jeff and Rene Feuerman 
Michael Fitzgerald 
Jonathan Fleming 
Brian Pinch and Jayme Fontana
Susan and Richard Galbraith 
John Galvin 
James Geary 
Richard Geoffroy 
Molly Glasgow 
Dennis and Janice Gonzales 
Derrick Goodwin 
Jay Goodwin 
Doug Grip 
Kerry Grogan 
Erin and Alex Guadagno 
Thomas Gudas 
Arthur Gutierrez 
Rebecca Haag 
Jon Hagenstein 
Gregg Harrison 
Richard Hartmann 
Steven Heineman 
Jane Hoffman 
Janet Holian 
Filomena Homem 
Jeffrey Hurst 
Karl and Heather Ivester 
Andrew Johnston 
Frederick and Karen Jones 
Mitchell Kaplan 
Benjamin Kelley 
Lawrence and Fran Kenney 
Matthew Keough 
Katherine King 
Anne Klayman 
Georgaynne Holst Knudsen 
Becca Koenigher 
Scott Kwarta 
Peter and Jane Laird 
Dee Lander 
Elizabeth Larsen 
Bruce Lehman 
Steven and Pamela Lesser 
Christopher and Krista Loose 
Mitchell Maisel 
Deepankar Malhan 
Michael Marco 
Paul Mauri 
Sean McLaughlin 
Dana McNally 
Susan and John McNamara 
Lorraine McNamara 
Matt Merry 
Alexander and Anna Lisa Meyer 
John Roseman and Rebecca Miksad
Gary Mishuris 
Ashley Van Murphy 
Joseph and Deborah Norberg 
Gregory Erman and Deborah Norkin
Al Novak 
Paul O’Connell 
Chuck O’Connor 
Emmett O’Gara 
Sean O’Leary 
Eric Olson 
Dale Ormon 
Kirsten Papagni 
Ken Patrick 
Albert and Nancy Patterson 
Jeff Perry 
Christopher Petryshin 
Daniel Popovich 
Jason and Gretchen Price 
Jordan Race 
Heidi and Larry Raffone 
Jared Reeves 
Christopher and Amy Remondi 
John Remondi 
Jay Riccio 
Rashaad Robinson 
Ethan and Francine Royce 
Matthew Rubin 
Dave Rumrill 
Nicole Santacroce 
William and Erica Scatchard 
Adam Scott 
Megan Seraphin 
Dong Shen 
David and Felice Silverman 
Pam Silvia 
David and Alisa Simoes 
Steven Slaughter 
Arthur Smith 
Marcia Smith 
Al and Kathy Soderstrom 
Rob Stefanic 
Gretchen and Jay Stein 
Kerry Sullivan 
Neal Sullivan 
Laurence Swann 
Sandra Tanco 
Lee and Carol Tesconi 
Corey and Anya Thomas 
Philip and Nicola Thompson 
Michael Thweatt 
Peter Tulp 
Robert Turner 
Michael and Kim Vaughan 
John Vellone 
Philip Visali 
Grant Ward 
Hans-Peter Weber 
Susan Weiler 
Colin Weir 
Wendy Whipple 
Thomas and Hedwig Whitney 
Cynthia Wigren 
Frederick and Loren Winters 
Eric Wirth 
Alfred and Jill Woollacott 
Stanley Startzell and Deborah Zetterberg

Brian Alden 
Constance and Mark Alexander 
Philip Alphonse 
Shant Arakelian 
John and Wiet Bacheller 
Darrin Ball 
Bryn Batchelder 
Tieg Bean 
Andy Bechtel 
John Berry 
Charles Borkoski 
Rich Bryant 
Allison Burger 
Alfonso Capozzi 
Patrick Carpenter 
Justin Catalano 
John Coffey 
Matthew Condon 
Mark Cronin 
Michael and Cynthia Curcio 
Roy Cutrer 
Michael Desrochers 
Richard DeWitt 
Paul DiMaura 
Joe Draheim 
Catherine Draper 
Tyler Durham 
Will Dwyer 
Kerry Ecker 
Rebekah ElDeiry 
Andrew Eriksen 
Samuel and Gretchen Feldman 
Joseph and Robin Forte 
Rodman Forter 
Andrew Fox 
Christian Gallagher 
Sean and Jennifer Anne Gavin 
Lynn Giacchetto 
Dan Gill 
Kevin Gillis 
Lani Goldthorpe 
Susan Goodwin 
Donna Goulart 
Richard Rudman and Karen Greenberg-Rudman
Tim Hanifin 
Taylor Hart 
Nicole Hathaway 
Anthony Hayes 
Matthew Fogelgren and Kimberly Heagle
Walte Helm 
David Hutchins 
Josh Jalpert 
E.J. and Marie Jaxtimer 
Kathryn Jiang 
Arthur Kaye 
Joseph Kebartas 
Ryan Kennedy 
Tammy King 
Joshu Kivela 
Elizabeth and Branch Lane 
Danny Levesque 
Joshua Lewin 
Kevin Lewis 
Linda Lindsay 
Cheryl Lowe 
Scott and Jo Lysko 
William MacFarlane 
Michael Carpenter and Elizabeth Mansfield
Camyar Matini 
Darren and Michelle McCarthy 
Marcia McCloud 
Robert McPhee 
Mike Medeiros 
Christine Meng 
Jason and Nicole Merriman 
Michael Murphy 
Andrew Myerson 
Kevin Nagle 
James Nelson 
Ellen O’Connor 
Robert Ogden 
Ryan Our 
James Pelusi 
Dan Pezzano 
Thomas Pizzuti 
Donna and Tom Quirk 
Adam Ramos 
John Rapo 
Dale Robertson 
J Paul Routhier 
Peter and Judith Scarafile 
Christopher Scharff 
Cory Schneider 
Thomas and Kristina Schnitzer 
Margaret Schwier 
Mark Scialdone 
Elizabeth and Adam Stavisky 
Brian Stowell 
Alex Taranto 
Zachary Townes 
Matthew Trotto 
Kathy Tulp 
Conor Tuomey 
Leonard Vanderhoop 
Tom Walles 
Jamey Waterhouse 
Douglas West 
Ed Whelan 


Our agency gratefully recognizes our donors who made a gift or pledge in our fiscal year 2022, which occurred between 7/1/2021-6/30/21.

$20,000 – $49,999

Richard and Athena Kertzman
Jason and Keely Krantz
Mark Levin
Larry Renfro
Brian and Stephanie Spector
Robert and Kathleen Stansky

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