10 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for You and Your Little


10 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for You and Your Little

Posted October 26, 2017

It is almost that time of year – when you’ve never cared so much about your getup, or eaten so much candy in one night. For those of you who have hit a creative roadblock, here are some ‘wicked ghoul’ (and cheap) Halloween costume ideas to get you and your Little ready for the big day. Happy trick or treating from BBBSMB!

1. Skeletons — All you need are some black sweats and some white paint and you’re instantly a Halloween classic! Click here for details >>



2. Ninja Turtles — Join forces with our favorite ninja turtles Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo and Michaelangelo! With some felt, green paint and a baking tin you and your Little are good to go. Click here for details >>



3. Where’s Waldo? — Your favorite man in the red and white stripes comes to life. With a pair of glasses, a red striped hat and shirt you and your Little will make great Waldos! Click here for details >>


4. Minecraft Steve — With some cardboard boxes and some paint, you and your Little can jump into the world of Minecraft! Click here for details >>



5. Scuba Divers — Swimming goggles, flippers and some old soda bottles are all you and your Little need to turn into scuba divers! Click here for details >>



6. Pirate — ARRRRHH you ready for this costume, matey? With some felt, a pair of boots, and a bandana you and your Little will ready for Halloween in no time! Click here for details >>



7. Legos — Your favorite building blocks come to life! With a cardboard box, some paint and plastic cups you and your Little are instant legos! Click here for details >>



8. Despicable Me — Want a quick way to transform into those unbeatable little minions? All you need is a yellow hat, cardboard, and some pipe cleaners! Click here for details >>



9. Sports Trading Cards — No matter the sport, you and your Little can transform into your favorite athlete! Click here for details >>



10. Superheroes — Is there really a better costume than your favorite Superhero? Make Halloween the night you save the world. Click here for details >>


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