10 Reasons Why I Love Working at BBBSMB


10 Reasons Why I Love Working at BBBSMB

by Administrator
Posted August 16, 2017

“Here’s a little reflection of mine on the past 10 years (as of yesterday!). I am really blessed I have had the chance to work alongside such wonderful, hard-working people here in the Boston Office, the Cape Team, and with all our Remote Staff.  Thanks for making coming into work every day so fun and meaningful.”—Melissa Nystedt, Program Services Manager

10 reasons I love working at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mass Bay
To celebrate my 10 year anniversary
Working hard here at BBBSMB
I wanted to share the 10 top reasons
I’ve stayed here through all of the seasons:

The magic of matches & mentorship galore
Hearing their stories- what more could you ask for?

I believe in our mission- bringing people together
Building friendships across differences, what could be better?
Seeing the value in each other’s unique qualities
Helping our Littles thrive and develop the 6Cs!

Troubleshooting road blocks when challenges arise
Seeing the pride when matches get through the other side

Wendy, Nora, Terry, Alexi, & Jen
Caitlin, Chris, Linda – what a ride it has been!
To have you all here along from my start,
I’m thrilled life has not made us yet part! 😉

Welcoming all the new faces over the years
Only making us stronger & better, to you I say: CHEERS!
Each of you contribute to the mentoring puzzle
Working together, no matter the struggle.

Our agency is THE BEST- we set the bar in the nation
For quality, efficiency and outcomes evaluation
It’s exciting to look ahead to all we can do
With Salesforce, more Referrals and B2B too!

Trying new things, and learning new skills
The joy of leadership- oh!- the sheer thrill!
JK, I love cheering on my team’s success
Supporting the matches, and each other no less

In 2007, working remotely was NOT something to try
And now, our Remote Staff are a big chunk of pie!
It’s great to see how all the flexibility
Doesn’t get in the way of our productivity

On a personal note, the support I’ve received
From all of my colleagues is not to be believed
When new changes in life have abounded
You’ve celebrated with me, leaving me astounded!

And, what can I say, I love the vacation time
Work hard & play hard, is the end of my rhyme!

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