6 Boston Based Littles Talk About Their Mentors


6 Boston Based Littles Talk About Their Mentors

Posted May 8, 2015

What’s so unique about Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay, is that our program has been around for over 60 years. With that, comes no shortage of incredible stories of friendship that has surpassed generations. We mostly get the Big Brothers perspective in many of these stories, so this week we wanted to capture the Littles’ perspective. Check out what these six Littles had to say about their Bigs. What’s nice to see is that the “little” things really seem to make the biggest difference. 

1. “Clint has a very powerful influence on my personal, academic, and sporting life and each time we are together Clint pushes me out of my comfort zone, whether it’s taking me surfing- although I prefer a sport on land- or it’s him taking the time to go over SAT test taking skills on a Friday night, although I would want to play video games like any other teenager! Clint has been a positive influence in my life and my family and I love Clint as our own.” –Little Brother Joel on his Big Brother Clint

2. “John likes to push me so that I can keep going. He’s funny, he likes a lot of stuff. Someday I want to go to Boston College, I want to do what John does. He takes a lot of reading classes, and a sculpture class, and he does filming and other things.”
Little Brother J.J. on his Big Brother John

3. “Onejuan_and_josh thing that I think we did that really made me happy as a match was a lot of artsy things, he’s taught me how to play around with clay, he’s shown me a lot of arts that he’s done and he taught me that I should be able to do that, that I have a choice to follow that or I can pick different things. About my future, Juan has really opened my eyes to art. I had always thought about art as a hobby, something to mess around with but Juan has shown me that art can actually lead to a good amount of fortune and give me a good future, express my feelings, and show many other things.”- Little Brother Joshua on his Big Brother Juan

danny4. “David is a very funny dude. He is really fun to be with and a really helpful person. He helps you with situations when you’re down, like when you’re sad he’ll cheer you back up, he’ll help on a problem, he knows the answer to every problem you’ll ever have.” –Little Brother Danny on his Big Brother David


5. “Franny is awesfranny_and_angel_2ome. I love Frannie, I can talk to him, I can tell him anything, he talks to me, and he tells me everything.”
-Little Brother Angel on his Big Brother Franny



6. “He’s a cool guy. He likes art, he likes to play basketball like me, we’re similar in some ways.” –  Little Brother Alexis on his Big Brother Elliot





The bond that a Big and Little share is unique and one that leaves a lasting impression on both of their lives. For these Littles, their Bigs mean the world to them. Click here to learn more about how you could make a difference in the life of a child.

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