8 Things to Know Before Becoming a BIG!


8 Things to Know Before Becoming a BIG!

by Sarah Adams
Posted July 27, 2023

Here are 8 things to know before you become a Big!

1. How long of a commitment are you looking for?

Research shows that kids matched for over a year are more likely to stay in school and avoid risky behavior, so we ask for at least a 1-year commitment.

2. Do I need experience with kids to participate?

You don’t necessarily need experience with kids to be a Big. We provide you with the tools and training you need throughout the friendship to help you through every challenge. We want you to go into your Match with realistic expectations and experience. Your Little wants a friend who he can hang out with, talk to and get more exposure towards the vast and dynamic world present outside. Everything you need to do is just focus on building your friendship before molding his or her lifestyle.

3. How are Bigs and Littles matched?

We match you to your Little based on your likes and interests, so matching could take some time. This is to ensure a better connection and ease in building the relationship between Big and Little. We want it to be fun and long lasting!

4. How can I speed up the matching process?

Speed along the process by getting your recommendations together and clearing some time in your schedule for a phone interview.

5. What days of the week will I need to commit to?

While weekends tend to work best, we ultimately make our program flexible to fit your needs.

6. Do I need a car/mode of transportation?

It is important to think about how you will get to your Little and how far you would travel to see your Little. Although having a car would make logistics easier for you as a Big, public transportation is also an option.

7. What if I’m very flexible in location for matching?

That’s great! We have over 1,000 kids awaiting a match to a Big, so simply ask about which areas are the most in need and we can go from there.

8. What if I’m undergoing big life changes i.e., job change, moving, kids, marriage etc.?

Given that location is a huge part of the program, if you are changing jobs and might not be staying in the area, which is a large factor in participating and could hinder the success of the partnership, so you may want to hold off on participating.  If you are getting married or having a baby, it is important that your partner also understands the commitment you are making to your Little.

Now you’re ready! Apply to be a Big today at www.emassbigs.org/volunteer-inquiry/

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