Revere High Schoolers Meet Greater Boston Professionals


Revere High Schoolers Meet Greater Boston Professionals

by Kara Hopkins
Posted November 8, 2023

Revere High Schoolers Meet Greater Boston Professionals

On Oct. 25, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Massachusetts (BBBSEM) hosted a Big Futures Program Draft Ceremony at Revere High School. The new four-year pilot program, which is a spinoff of BBBSEM’s technology-enriched Mentor 2.0 program, will take a more hybrid approach and offers high schools the power of mentorship.

During the celebration, over 30 Revere High School freshman were introduced to their mentors, professionals in the Greater Boston community, for the first time with the launch of the organization’s new Big Futures Mentoring program.

Matches were made based on each student’s personal needs, interests, and career tracks. Mentors will see their mentees through their high school experiences into their chosen pathway – whether it be college, trade school, entrepreneurship, or the military.

Each grade level will concentrate on different skill sets. Freshman and sophomores will focus on relationship building and experiential learning through weekly online communication and monthly in-person meetings with additional game nights, panel discussions and other fun events throughout the school year. Juniors will hone on college and career readiness and post-secondary pathways, participating in workshops, competitions, and job shadowing experiences with select corporate partners coupled with structured reflection activities on different pathways. In their final year, seniors will meet in cohorts based on their pathway of choice, to review key milestones to succeed in each path, such as resume writing and FAFSA completion, and participate in group college tours and internship opportunities.

The Big Futures Mentoring program is packaged for teens and created to complement class time, not compete with it, to help youth reach their fullest potential. Not only is the program designed to give students the support they need to pursue jobs they love and earn a livable wage, but the structure works toward diversifying trades industries, creating greater access to jobs for BIPOC communities and women. Each mentor will offer accountability for their mentee, so they thrive in high school, graduate, and confidently make post-secondary plans.

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