Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are CORE VALUES at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Massachusetts. We believe that we thrive when perspectives are diverse, our culture is inclusive, and our practices model what we want to see in the world. We believe that building relationships between people from different parts of our community advances inclusion and equity. The impact of our work lies in forging bonds between Bigs, Littles, and their families to promote understanding and learning. Read more about how Diversity and Inclusion impacts our work and organization. 

(Please click here to find full list of DEI resources and activity suggestions) 

AARC – The Access-Ability Resource Committee (AARC) provides leadership, resources, and support to our community to address access barriers and create a culture of awareness and celebration of all abilities. The vision of AARC is to strengthen, empower, and educate our staff, volunteers, and families. Through the use of collaborative advocacy and inclusive practices from a disability justice perspective, our goal is to create an accessible community.
activity suggestion: learn how to spell your names using American Sign Language
resource:  Read 10 Things Every Adult should Know When Talking to Kids About People with Disabilities

Have you ever thought about how accessible your surroundings are for those with disabilities?  Try out this fun scavenger hunt to find out how accessible or inaccessible your local area is (great opportunity to do with your Little!) *HERE is the key

SOGI – The Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (SOGI) Committee leads the agency’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, through advocating for the LGBTQ+ community. We provide education, advocacy, and personal and professional development opportunities to ensure that we are promoting a workplace and agency that is reflective of our program participants, staff members, and diverse world.

REC – The Racial Equity Committee (REC) is a staff-led committee that was created to educate, learn, and advocate for racial equity within our matches, our staff, and the world around us. We recognize and are proud that our mentoring relationships span across various cultures, ethnicities and races.

  • Activity suggestion: find a recipe from a different race or ethnicity to cook together (virtually or in person)
  • Resource: Check out King Boston a resource with more information about racial justice from a local source
  • Resource: How to talk to your Little about race

LC3  – The Language, Community, and Culture Committee (LC3) team exists to serve and support Bigs, families and staff members in their unique culture and communities, in order to create an inclusive environment and promote equitable access to information and resources across our agency and program.

  • Activity suggestion: research three holidays that happen in Central America and compare them
  • Resource: Read news from around the world at Here There Everywhere News For Kids