6 Bigs You Should Be Following on Twitter


6 Bigs You Should Be Following on Twitter

Posted April 10, 2015

With over 2,000 Bigs just in the Greater Boston Area, there certainly isn’t a shortage of inspirational mentors to learn from and get inspired by! We decided to help you out by selecting some of our favorite Bigs to follow on Twitter. These guys (and girls!) have totally different experiences in mentoring. With varying degrees of history in the program and different backgrounds to pull from these Bigs have stories and lessons to help you along the way. Follow these Bigs and let us know what you think of the list! Feel free to include any additional suggestions below in the comments.

1. Dalen Cuff

Big Brother Dalen Cuff has been matched with his Little Brother Dasan for almost a year. As an anchor for Comcast SportsNet New England and NBC Sports Network, he’s a great leader in the community to watch not only advocate for our favorite sports steams, but for volunteerism and giving back to the community. He will also be the host for our Big of the Year celebration in May. Click here to follow Dalen!

2. Big Sister Kristin

Big Sister Kristin Bassett is a BU Alum with a passion for beauty, style, and mentoring.

When she isn’t hanging out with her Little Sister Gianna (they have been matched for almost seven years!) she is busy blogging for her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog, beautyXpose. Check out her twitter for fun fashion and beauty. Click here to follow her!



3. Big Brother Kevin

Do you enjoy video games? Then you’ll love following Big Brother Kevin Kulp! He has been matched with his Little Brother Alpha for five years and when he isn’t in Newton hanging out with Alpha he is creating games, writing, and enjoying barbeque. Check out his Twitter if you are a lover of gaming or fun and interesting quips. Click here to follow Kevin!


 4. Big Brother David

Big Brother David Shapiro has made mentoring his life mission. He is the President and CEO of MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, the unifying champion of the youth mentoring movement in America. Before that, for seven years, he was the CEO of MENTOR’s Massachusetts affiliate and BBBSMB partner Mass Mentoring Partnership. His Little Brother Keontai has been a huge part of his life for almost six years. His twitter is all about mentoring and expanding quality youth mentoring relationships in the United States. Check out his Twitter to get inspired about mentoring, learn about some of the latest national trends and issues in mentoring,  and to see a bunch of cute pics of him and his (not so little anymore) Little! Click here to follow David!

5. BBBSMB CEO & Big Sister Wendy Foster

If you want to know just how fun mentoring can be, check out Big Brothers Big Sisters of
Massachusetts Bay’s President and CEO Wendy Foster‘s twitter. She tweets about mentoring, inspiration and fun moments with her Little Sister Shanell. She’s truly a thought leader for the mentoring movement and does a great job of live tweeting while she hits the ground running across Greater Boston advocating for the mission. Click here to follow Wendy!

6. Rich Greif: Vice President of Marketing, Communications, and Community Relations at BBBSMB.

rich_and_tonyAs a Big Brother to his Little Brother Tony for 9 years, he truly understands the mentoring friendship inside and out and can walk most matches through every stage in the friendship. His Twitter serves as a champion for the field of youth mentoring and his connections alone make his profile a must see for advocates and Bigs alike. Click here to follow Rich!

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