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College Bigs Application

If you are a current undergraduate college student, please use your school-issued email address.

BBBSEM is committed to being an anti-racist organization. We use racial indicator information to hold our agency accountable as we strive for greater equity.

We ask for a time commitment of three semesters. If you are graduating within the next two semesters, please contact your university's office of volunteer service for other volunteer opportunities.

Be an agent of change to help create a more equitable world.

You’ll change and empower a young kid’s life for the better and have a lot of fun doing it; all for just a few hours a month either on campus, at a local school, or out in the community.

Your time at college is a time to learn not only from your professors, but also from getting out in the world and experiencing real life.

After filling out this form, you’ll be prompted to learn more and schedule an interview with BBBSEM staff.

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