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All children should have a chance to thrive. Some kids need someone to help them along that path. Turns out doing something important can be incredibly simple. With Latino and Spanish-speaking youth waiting for a Big, there has never been a better time to volunteer as a mentor. It’ll be fun and rewarding. And our professionally trained staff will be there to support you every step of the way.

¡Necesitamos De Todos Ustedes!

We seek to increase our recruitment of Latino and Spanish-speaking volunteers for a variety of reasons. For example, it is important in our service model that the adult volunteer can communicate effectively with the youth’s family. As a result, youth in families where the adults do not speak English often go unserved. Children need a boost of confidence and self-esteem and your encouragement can change their lives forever.

Consejos de vida pueden venir de muchas formas.

Cities and towns with the highest numbers of Hispanic/Latino youth served and highest wait list include: Roxbury, Dorchester, East Boston, South End, South Boston, Brighton, Jamaica Plain, Waltham, Cambridge, Charlestown, Roslindale, Quincy, Allston, Chelsea, Hyde Park, Revere, Lynn, and Everett.

  • Only 10% of our Hispanic/Latino youth are matched with a Hispanic/Latino Big
  • We have grown service to Hispanic/Latino youth by 65% in the past four years
  • We currently serve over 800 Hispanic/Latino youth in one-to-one mentoring relationships, close to 35% of our total service population

Impact on Little

Research confirms that quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive effects on young people in a variety of personal, academic and professional situations.

said they learned right from wrong from their Big
reported doing better in school because of their Big
more likely to enroll in college
  • Increased competence, confidence, character, connection and caring
  • Decreased likelihood of skipping school
  • Increased trust in adults
  • 90% said relationship with their Big helped them make better choices throughout their childhood
  • 42% less likely to get involved in illegal drugs
  • 27% less likely to start drinking

Impact on Big

Mentoring relationships are a shared opportunity for learning and growth. Many Bigs say that the rewards they gain are just as substantial as the ones gained by their Littles.

  • Have fun!
  • Achieve personal growth and learn more about themselves
  • Improve their self-esteem and feel they are making a difference
  • Gain a better understanding of other cultures and develop a greater appreciation for diversity
  • Feel more productive and have a better attitude at work
  • Enhance their relationships with their own children



“This is the best way to volunteer and make an impact in the lives of others and you can have fun at the same time. You won’t feel like a volunteer, instead you’ll be looking forward to hanging out with your new friend who will do as much for you as you do for him. A Little is a friend that will give you the most sincere friendship that you will ever have.” – Big Brother, Octavio

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