Match Spotlight: Meet Nick and Evan- Almost 11 Years Strong!


Match Spotlight: Meet Nick and Evan- Almost 11 Years Strong!

by Kara Hopkins
Posted July 13, 2018

Nick and Evan were matched in the Fall of 2007- almost 11 years ago! Nick was attending MIT and Evan was only 8. Now, Evan has graduated high school and will be attending community college this Fall! They share a special bond- read more about it below!

Let’s learn a little more about Big Brother, Nick!

How did you first get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters?

I joined a fraternity at MIT and we had a community service requirement.  A few of the older guys were Big Brothers and encouraged me to do it.  My Grandfather also knew about the program and recommended it to me.  I contacted the Big Brother’s office in Boston, had an interview, and was matched with Evan within a few weeks.

Describe the first time you met Evan.

I met Evan, his mom Trudy, and Adelle, our first Match Advocate, at the MIT student center on a fall afternoon.  Evan was small and shy, he was only 8 years old after all, but had a big smile!  We all walked (and Evan road a scooter) to Trudy and Evan’s house which is less than a mile from MIT.  Evan and Trudy were both very friendly and seemed grateful and excited to have me be a mentor and friend to Evan.  From the outset they were just as supportive of me as I was of Evan.  I played hockey at MIT and they quickly became our biggest fans, attending virtually all our games.

Explain what it has been like seeing Evan grow up over the almost 11 years you’ve been matched. How has your relationship developed?

It has been incredible watching Evan grow up.  He has faced and overcome a ton of adversity to become a very thoughtful, mature and hard-working young man.  Our relationship has developed as Evan has grown.  When we were first matched, Evan would always have tons of energy and limited patience.  We’d always have to be doing something active.  Most commonly we’d go ice skating or biking.  Nowadays, Evan usually just wants to talk – about life, school and relationships.

What advice would you give to potential Bigs that are considering becoming mentors?

If you can spare a few hours every couple weeks, do it!  It’s a wonderful way to help out your community.  And you’ll probably have fun and make a lifelong friend along the way.

Evan, tell us a little more about your relationship with Nick!

Describe the first time you met Nick.

I felt nervous and excited when I met Nick.  I was nervous because I was pretty shy as a young boy.  On the other hand, I was excited because of the adventures I thought I might have with Nick.  He seemed like a friendly, young man, and he made a good impression on me. I knew that I could meet a lot of Big Brothers and say no to any of them, but I was so excited to meet Nick that I chose him right away.  I feel very lucky to have Nick as my first option as a Big Brother.

 What is next for you after graduating high school? (Congratulations!)

After high school, I plan to attend community college.  By going this route, I will save money instead of going to a university right after high school.  After a couple of years at community college, I will transfer to a four-year college to work on my major and degree.

Can you recall a time when Nick helped you through a tough situation?

Nick helps me a lot.  I worry about my social life a lot, and Nick is always there to listen to me.  I ask him questions, and I share thoughts and feelings. Sometimes he gives me advice about fighting low self-esteem and worrying about relationships, and it feels good to have another point of view on these topics.

In what ways did your relationship with Nick impact your life?

I think I would have been a different person if I hadn’t met Nick. I had many questions about growing up into adulthood, and he always answered my questions. He taught me how to shave, and I would have had to figure it out myself. Since I don’t have many friends, Nick has made an impact on me because he has always been a friend of mine.

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