Your future mentee is enjoying their summer break. As we get closer to the fall, we will be posting program launch dates and important program reminders. Below are some resources for you as you wait to get matched!


In this section you will find links to resources covering a wide range of topics from effective mentoring to current news about Boston Public Schools. This month’s topic is the growing mental health crisis among adolescents.

At our recent “Rethinking Mental Health” event, we discussed the importance of mental health, removing stigmas and how the power of caring relationships can be an important tool in our toolkit for addressing mental health. Below are a few resources to encourage more learning and perhaps it could even be applied to your own life and your relationship with your mentee.


In a few short months you will be matched to your mentee, and like all new relationships it may take some time to find your groove and move past the initial awkward moments. In each newsletter, a wonderful Program Coordinator will share their advice to help you navigate this new friendship and the Mentor2.0 Program:

“Each match relationship is different. Don’t compare your relationship with your mentee with other mentors. It is important to approach your relationship with your mentee as a friendship but it is also important to ask them what they would like out of the relationship. You are in the driver seat as well.” – Keulesia EMK Program Coordinator