National Volunteer Week Spotlight: Mentor 2.0 Volunteer, Greg Erman


National Volunteer Week Spotlight: Mentor 2.0 Volunteer, Greg Erman

by Administrator
Posted April 19, 2018

This National Volunteer Week, we’re highlighting Mentor 2.0 volunteer and mentor, Greg Erman. Greg is a member of the Board of Overseers at BBBSMB and an engaged volunteer. In addition to his volunteer work, Greg is President and CEO of EmpiraMed and sits of the Board of Advisors for Life Science Cares.  Read more about Greg’s experience as a mentor, what he’s getting out of volunteering, and learn more about our Mentor 2.0 program below!  

What led you to decide to volunteer as a Mentor in the Mentor 2.0 Program?

I’ve always wanted to give back to society by helping kids to thrive and reach their full potential. In my view, building confidence in kids is the single best way to help them reach their potential. I thought the Big Brothers Big Sisters program was an ideal way to help kids develop confidence in themselves to live full and productive lives. Although being a Big Brother was too much of a time commitment for me, the Mentor 2.0 program was a perfect fit. With the Mentor 2.0 program I can make a real impact on the community!

What is your favorite memory with your Mentee?

I have been able to teach him how to play cards, and he has taught me a lot about basketball.

How has your relationship with your Mentee evolved as you have gotten to know each other?

I think he trusts me now after six months. Just being there for him week in and week out builds that trust. I care about him.

Have you had any significant mentors in your life? If so, who were they and what kind of impact did they have on you?

When I was a college student, I served on the university board of governors representing the student body. I aspired and still aspire to have the traits of the university president at that time, who I had the honor of getting to know very well. He respected my opinion, which gave me the confidence to advocate for myself and pursue my career. Another mentor was one of my venture capital investors who taught me how to get things done with thoughtfulness and humility.

What is your favorite aspect of being a Mentor? What have you learned from your Mentee?

I am learning as much from Mentor 2.0 as my mentee is learning, I think. The iMentor curriculum is amazing and I am learning a lot about values and even leadership by seeing my mentee grow.

For more information on our Mentor 2.0 program, you can visit HERE.

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