Mentoring Real Life Stories: Brendan and AliJah


Mentoring Real Life Stories: Brendan and AliJah

Posted March 6, 2015

After graduating from college Brendan was searching for a way to give back to the community. He knew he wanted to give back, especially when it came to working with kids. “I wanted a lasting relationship that could make a difference in a child’s life,” said Brendan. Check out this interview with Big Brother Brendan and get insight into what it’s like to become a Big.

Why did you decide to become a Big Brother?

After I graduated from school I wanted to get involved in the community. I wanted to find a way to give back and mostly to create a lasting relationship that I would have for a long time.

Were you nervous about “Adding A Little” to your life?

I was nervous about Adding A Little because I didn’t know if we were going to be the right match or if he would like me or think I was funny. It’s funny because now, he thinks I am the best guy in the world. I shouldn’t have been so worried.

What is your favorite thing to do together?

When we are together we like to play sports and catch up with each other. We are both really laid back and just enjoy talking too.

How would you describe your relationship with your Little?

We have a lot of fun with each other, we are always laughing and having a good time, but we also have a lot of mutual respect for each other.

Describe the first time you met your Little Brother. How have things changed since then?

God it’s hard to remember because it was so long ago. But I first met AliJah when he was 7 and a half years old and he was really timid at first. But I knew right away that we’d be a good match. We are so much more comfortable around each other now. You have to build that trust.

What has your Little learned from you?

He has learned how to keep perspective of things. Sometimes he can get in his head a little too much but I think I’ve taught him to step back and think about the different sides of things.

How has Adding a Little impacted you?

Adding a Little keeps me young. It also helps me be a better man.

If you could describe your Little in one word, what would it be and why?

Dedicated – he knows what he wants and he goes after it!

What would you tell guys who are thinking about being a Big and might have hesitations?

Don’t wait! Time passes so quickly and I know it is easy to wait and harder to act, but just do it! It is totally worth it.

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