What is National Mentoring Month?

National Mentoring Month is a national mentoring campaign spanning the month of January. During the month, focus is placed on driving awareness to the need for more mentors, the widespread impact of mentoring relationships, and all the important work being done to provide mentors for young people.

How to participate? Below is a brief overview of how you or your company can get involved.
  • Feature an employee mentor story on social media, company intranet, newsletter or your website. Utilize social media or a company blog to discuss why mentoring is  a priority for your company. Below is a sample social media post. You can find more sample posts in the social media toolkit for corporate partners.

[Company] is excited to celebrate National #MentoringMonth! At [Company], over [#] of our employees are mentors to young people through Big Brothers Big Sisters. We are proud that so many employees are supporting young people.  

  • Help to recruit mentors by hosting an information session. For more information, email Caroline Krantz,
  • Recognize your mentors! Invite your current Bigs to an event to appreciate them and showcase the great work they’re doing. Don’t forget to invite us too! You can also send a thank you email to your internal network.