Annual Report FY15

Annual Report FY15

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 3.44.16 PMWhat We Do:

Our program matches adult volunteers with children who need an adult mentor and friend. With adult attention and guidance supporting their positive development, their lives change for the better and ultimately impact the community. We are serious about our data and encourage you to study the evidence of our impact. We also hope you’ll spend some time getting to know some of our Bigs and Littles in the program. Their stories will inspire you.

“No matter what I thought of myself, Dan let me know he believed in me. Whatever doubts I had about myself, Dan had none.”

Read about Travis and Dan’s story here.

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Who We Serve:

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How We Get It Done:

Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, we raised $6,548,754 in FY 2015 which enabled us to serve over 2,100 children. This marks our 5th consecutive year of growth in service! The list of donors is always growing and with your help we are able to positively impact children, their families, and the communities we serve. You are part of something ‘Big’!

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Where We’re Going:

Now in Year 4 of our 5 Year Growth Plan, we are proud to have once again exceeded our program service goals. In FY15, we created 729 new matches, and in FY16 we are on track to create 810 new matches! Each year, we will continue to increase the number of children served with a goal to create 1,150 matches (and serve 3,000 children) annually by 2019. Take a look at a few more of our upcoming achievements for FY16:

  • Service to over 2,400 children in one-to-one friendships with caring adult mentors.
  • Fifth consecutive year of new match and revenue growth.
  • Raise $7.4 Million in operating revenue.
  • Form new and expanded partnerships with area businesses, schools and community organizations.
  • Create and support 810 new one to one matches including over 350 matches in the city of Boston.
  • Enroll an increased number of male volunteers through our innovative digital recruitment portal.
  • Continue to innovate with technology-enriched one-to-one youth mentoring program Mentor 2.0 to provide high school students with the support they need to graduate high school and succeed in college and the workforce.

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