Staff Spotlight: Meet Carly Segreti!


Staff Spotlight: Meet Carly Segreti!

by Kara Hopkins
Posted May 15, 2020

Meet Carly Segreti, Director of Program Services at BBBSEM! Carly has been with the agency for over nine years and is an alumni Big Sister. In addition to being a standout Program Team leader in our agency, Carly is a recent mom to son, Jack. 

What is your job title and in a few sentences, explain more about your role and what you do?

As a Director of Program Services, I work primarily with our Match Support Team who are the direct liaisons, coaches and champions for the Bigs, Littles and families in our program. In addition to directly supervising a team of Match Support Coordinators and Managers, within my role, I also have the opportunity to oversee our team workflow/processes, strategize around program growth, shape team culture, collaborate across departments and ensure we are keeping our eye on the prize of driving positive outcomes for the kids we serve. I also continue to personally support a small caseload of matches myself. In order to support my team well, I have to be able to keep my skills sharp and walk the Match Support walk!

How long have you worked for BBBSEM?

9.5 years. I started as a Match Support Coordinator in 2011, transitioned to managing staff in 2013 and was recently promoted to Director of Program Services.

What motivates you most about the work you do with BBBSEM?

As an alumni Big Sister myself, I’ve been lucky enough to experience the power of a mentoring relationship firsthand. From a Big encouraging their Little to be brave and try something new to a match celebrating an anniversary milestone together, the genuine moments of connection and impact in our program motivate me in my work every day and remind me why I do what I do.

How has your work been impacted by COVID-19 and how are you navigating this new normal?

In the age of COVID-19, our program has shifted to be completely virtual. We are re-thinking the way we connect with our matches and support them in connecting with each other. This has forced us to get creative and think outside the box on a daily basis and I am so proud of the resiliency and innovation I have seen on our team, going the extra mile to support our Bigs, Littlies and families. Kids need their mentors now more than ever and we are helping these critical relationships continue to thrive.

Personally, as a brand new mom, my return from parental leave occurred just a few weeks into the stay at home order. While juggling my job with caring for my son certainly wasn’t the return I had expected, I’m feeling grateful for this added time with my baby as I dive back into to our important mission.

When do you feel like you’re making a difference while working?

As a director, my team’s success is my success. I love supporting staff in finding ways to tap into their strengths, passions and professional development goals that will positively impact our program outcomes and the communities we serve. From supporting staff in launching new programs or fine tuning youth development best practices to serving as the management sponsor for our Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Committee, I’m grateful to be able to use my experience to support my team in being the best they can be.  When our staff succeed that means our matches are well supported and that brings me a tremendous amount of job satisfaction.

What does it mean to work for BBBSEM?

A common phrase heard around the BBBSEM office: “We simply cannot sit still.” In nearly a decade with this agency, the constants I have seen are dedication and innovation. We are an organization that is always pushing the envelope and working to find ways to create the highest quality outcomes for the most kids possible. I am proud that the work we do is consistently on the cutting edge of the mentoring field.

Outside of work, what are some of your favorite things to do?

Getting outside in nature for walks or hikes always helps me feel calm and grounded, especially these days. I live just north of Boston and have been enjoying spending my weekends hiking in the Fells Reservation with my family. I also love music and enjoy playing the guitar and singing to my 4 month old son, Jack.

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