10 Moments That Will Make You Believe In Mentoring


10 Moments That Will Make You Believe In Mentoring

Posted October 23, 2015

Here at the Being BIG blog, we normally show you our mentoring real life stories through interviews, short stories and quotes. However, to really get a sense for what being a mentor is all about, we thought it would be better to actually show you our great Bigs and Littles in action. 

They say seeing is believing, so we put together this list of videos of some of our favorite mentoring moments between Bigs and Littles. They will truly make you believe in the effect mentoring has on our community. These videos are moving, heartwarming, and candidly show some of the great people involved with this organization. So grab some popcorn, enjoy these clips, and be prepared to believe!

1. Making a lasting impact

On March 26, 2014, Big Brother Michael Kennedy lost his life fighting a nine alarm fire in the Back Bay. Michael touched the lives of many people throughout his life, including his Little Alex. Alex, along with others, share the impact Michael had on them throughout his life in this moving video.

2. Being there no matter what

This touching story about Marc and Zach truly captures what it means to be a mentor. Little Brother Zach was forced to overcome some tremendous hurdles early in his life, but his Big Brother Marc was there through thick and thin to help him through those tough times. Whether it was jamming out to some Billy Joel in the car or providing some “tough love” advice, Marc helped Zach in his times of need and was there whenever he needed him.

3. Catching your very first fish

Not every mentoring moment is a deep conversation or life lesson. Some of the biggest impacts that can be made are the small moments, just like this one.

4. Overcoming the odds

With the help of his Big, Chris, Little Brother Adam was able to overcome every obstacle in life to now become a role model for everyone around him. Chris’ emotional speech perfectly highlights the Big-Little relationship, as he shows that Adam had as much an impact on Chris, as Chris had on Adam.

P.S. Here is a great video of Adam saying thank you to his Big and sharing his perspective on their relationship.

5. The ‘Little’ things

Program’s like this one with Franklin Field and Boston College truly show how simple it is to make a difference. A day spent playing basketball, busting a move, and exploring campus may seem like a normal saturday afternoon to the student’s, but it helps open up a whole new world for the children involved.

6. Helping one another grow

One of the most special things about the Big-Little relationship is how mutually beneficial it is. It is not just the Big doing the teaching, but also the Little returns the favor and teaches their Big things they never thought possible.

7. Being a constant friend

Being a mentor does not mean you are a parent and teacher constantly giving life advice and lessons. Being a mentor is all about being a helpful friend to someone. Have fun, teach when it’s appropriate, and simply being there for that person is what being a Big Brother is all about.

8. Add a Little

Becoming a Big Brother only takes a few hours, 2 times a month, for one year. It does not take a lot to make an impact as a mentor. As you see here, it truly is the Little things that can make a difference in a child’s life.

9. The Mentoring Effect

Mentoring can be very contagious. By growing up with Robin as a Big, Joe was able to see early on the impact having a mentor can have on somebody. With that in mind, Joe went to on to become a mentor himself as a success counselor for college students.

10. Making memories

Making memories is what the Big-Little relationship is all about. These can be as big as going to their first Red Sox game together, to as simple as letting their Little drive their beloved truck. If you have any favorite memories you would like to share with us, make sure to comment below!

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