4 Things BBBSMB Is Thankful For This Thanksgiving


4 Things BBBSMB Is Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Posted November 24, 2015

This Thanksgiving, we are not just thankful for the plates of turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes that we consumed. We’re also thankful for our supporters who make our mission of providing mentors to children in our community possible. Whether you are donating money, signing up to become a volunteer, or just supporting us … you are making a difference- so let’s celebrate that! 

While you recover from your Thanksgiving feast and storm the mall for some Black Friday sales, we spoke with some members on staff who wanted to thank you personally. So take a moment and give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it!  

1. Our families
“We are so grateful for our families and their commitment to being a partner with our agency and the Bigs in helping their children reach their full potential. They play such a key role in all of our programs and without their involvement none of this work would be possible. We thank you today and every day!”- Jenny Bautista (Community Engagement and Recruitment Associate) 

The families involved with a match play one of the most integral parts throughout the relationship. Your role as facilitator between Big and Little makes the match much smoother and easier for everyone involved.

Thank you parents for allowing us to help your children and simply being awesome!

2. Our donors
“We are thankful for our donors because their incredible generosity has enabled us to create new programs, develop innovative services, and grow our capacity so we can serve more children in need.” – Chris Masalsky (Assoc. Director of Development)

By donating to BBBSMB, you’re making an investment in a child’s future. We’re so thankful for all of the generous donors and partners who make our hopes of serving more children a reality. Without you all, our work would not be possible!

3. Our Bigs
“I am so grateful for our Big Brothers because I just love seeing the positive changes they can make with the Littles they are matched with. Every day I hear about kids with boosted confidence, better grades, and happier lives all thanks to their Big!”- Itzel Delgado (Match Support Specialist)
“We are so grateful for the the compassion and positivity that our Bigs bring every day. These generous men and women are willing to take time out of their schedule to influence the life of a child, as well as work seamlessly with the families to make a positive mentoring relationship. Thank you Bigs!”- William Charnley (Match Support Supervisor)

Becoming a Big is just such an awesome thing to do, and we are so thankful for all the men and women who have dedicated their free time to making an impact in a child’s life. THANK YOU to our current and former Bigs!

4. Our staff
“BBBSMB is very grateful to have incredible employees who are tirelessly dedicated to our mission to ensure we provide quality programs and experience for our families, volunteers and supporters and driven to match the children waiting for our services with volunteers in our communities.”- Jennifer Kuhn, (Director of HR)

And last, but certainly not least, is the wonderful staff here at BBBSMB. The countless hours of behind-the-scenes work surely can not go unnoticed. Our wonderful staff here at BBBSMB always puts our mission and the children first.


Once again, thank you to everybody who gives back to BBBSMB in any way. Each of you play an integral part in our mission to help children in need in our communities.

This holiday season, we encourage you to reach out to a mentor in your life and simply tell them thank you.

We hope you had a happy and food-filled Thanksgiving!

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