Celebrating Mothers Day: The Support Behind the Match


Celebrating Mothers Day: The Support Behind the Match

by Administrator
Posted May 12, 2017

We usually feature Bigs and Littles sharing their experiences in our program and what it takes to make their friendship grow. However, there is an often overlooked component—the Little’s parents & guardians—that play an integral role in supporting each and every match. From their insights and parental guidance to simply enrolling their child in the program, the work we do would not be possible without their support.

In honor of Mothers Day, we wanted to feature a few of the mothers who have helped to make their children’s match a success. THANK YOU and happy Mothers Day to you all!

Maria – Mother of Kevin

“I would highly recommend the program. My son and I have only great things to say about the program, staff, his Big Brother, and the overall experience. Yes, it’s a bit scary in the beginning; meeting a new person and not knowing how if it’s going to work. But give it a chance, because it will likely change your son’s life like I’ve heard from so many other parents and my own experience. As parents, you have the BBBS support to answer any questions/concerns that you may have and I truly believe that ‘It takes a village to raise a child’.”

Alithea – Mother of Alijah and Malcolm

“Go at your own pace because at the end of the day you have to be comfortable. It has to be natural and it has to be organic. Make sure you are considering the investment in your child’s future, so schedule a check-in or lunch with your child’s Big one-on-one and get to know them better. That will make you more comfortable supporting the match. Do whatever it takes to get to know your child’s Big. Also, remember to put in work because it is a relationship. It’s one between the Little and the Big that grows better and richer when the family is involved.”

Jean – Mother of LS Erin

“Being an older mom—I had my daughter when I was 38—it’s nice that Erin has a younger woman to relate to and discuss issues with. I feel the stress put on our children today is a lot greater than what we had and I think the more positive people around for my child to talk to, the better.”

Mother of LB Hector

“As long as I tell my son’s Big, Enrique, where I need some extra help, he is always willing to go the extra mile and explain stuff to Hector, so he can further improve. Enrique is family.”

Marie – Mother of LB Marcus

“I’m glad Marcus is in the program because he’s become a lot more social and it’s good for him to have some personal time with someone that pays attention to just him.”

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