Top 5: Best Mentoring Stories of 2016


Top 5: Best Mentoring Stories of 2016

by Administrator
Posted December 16, 2016

With the Holiday Season upon us and 2016 coming to a close, we wanted to reflect on just a few of the many amazing stories we hear every day from our Bigs. The year had no shortage of great mentoring stories, and we were lucky to capture them on our blog throughout the whole year. Read (or watch) on to re-live these incredible moments with us!

1) Bigs in Blue Officer Seth Makes a Difference


This year especially, there has been much negativity surrounding some of the actions of police officers in local communities.  That is only a small portion of the population though, so BBBS began the ‘Bigs in Blue’ program in order to connect youth with the great police officers in their community. Learn more about our Big in Blue, Seth, and his match here.

2) Chris Byner Pays it Forward


In honor of National Mentoring Month, we recognized the executive director of our partner BCYF and Big Brother Chris. He provided us with great insights on the role a mentor can play in someones life, the impact that drugs and violence has had on the communities we serve, and more. Read here for a very interesting and informative interview with Chris. 

3) Making a Difference on the Cape: Gabrielle and Emma


Gabrielle wanted to give back, but all she had to give was time and effort. Luckily that is all you need to become a Big! She shared with us her match story with Emma, how she’s learned so much about herself, and why mentoring is so important in tight-knit communities like the Cape. Read more here!

4) A Mother’s Perspective: This Chapter & The Next

After 6 years in the program, Big Brother Marc and Little Brother Kevin graduated this past summer from our program to officially become alumni. Mother and family council member Maria took the stage to share her perspective on her son’s match, and why all parents should consider signing their child up for the program. Read more here!

5) From Homeless Shelters to Harvard

At Big Night 2016, Little Brother (and now Big Brother himself) Mike shared his incredible journey from living in homeless shelters as a kid, to now attending Harvard Business School. He explains how all of that probably would not have been possible if not for his Big Brother Austin. Watch above or read here for more on Mike’s journey.



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