10 Tweets From Bigs & Partners You Need To See


10 Tweets From Bigs & Partners You Need To See

Posted April 1, 2016

Twitter is not all about Kanye rants and Daniel rocking his white Vans. While we admit that it IS entertaining, the microblogging site is actually a great way to share your thoughts and experiences in a quick, witty way. BBBSMB often interacts with our Bigs and partners on Twitter. It’s fun to see what our matches are doing in real time and get inspired by our partners. To get in on the fun, we wanted to share some must see tweets from our beloved followers!

1) Big Brother Gary

2) Big Brother Brendan

3) Big Brother Nick

4) Big Brother Dave

5) BBBSMB President and CEO Wendy Foster

6) Big Brother Josh

7) Big Brother Marc

8) One of JLL Boston’s most memorable Big Night moments

9) Big Brother Michael

10) Big Brother Brett

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