5 Things BIGS Do That Parents Love


5 Things BIGS Do That Parents Love

Posted March 25, 2016

Twice a year, the BBBSMB Family Council hosts a ‘lunch and learn’ for parents of newly matched Littles to meet, mingle and learn how their children can get the most out of their BBBSMB experience. Not only do parents get exposed to best practices and tips, but they also get an opportunity to share some of their personal stories. We were incredibly moved to hear how parents are positively impacted by their child’s mentoring relationship, so we thought why not share them with you all! Enjoy 5 things that Bigs Do that Parents Love:

1.  He makes my son feel special


Big Griff, Little Florencio, Mother Maureen (Matched since 2014)

“My son’s Big makes my son feel special. Griff is very reliable, consistent, and a big part of Florencio’s life; enriching it. Griff is also great about capturing moments in their outings, so I have a lot of pictures saved!” –Maureen, Mom in the Program

2.  He asks for & values my opinion


Mother Maggie, Big Andrew, Little Gabriel (Matched since 2011)

“I really like that my son’s Big occasionally includes me in their friendship. A couple of outings ago, Andrew ordered pizza and came over so we could all watch the slam dunk contest at home. It was so much fun to spend time with both of them!” –Maggie, Family Council Parent

3. He shows that he cares


Mother Maria & Little Kevin (Matched since 2010)

“My son’s Big, Marc, always checks in even if they are not meeting for a while. He confirms meetings and always communicates if they are running late or any changes occur. He’s also very kind and respectful.” –Maria Martins, Family Council Parent

 4. He is a great communicator


Little Alexandre & Big Stephan (Matched since 2014)

“He doesn’t wait for me to reach out. He is very proactive.” –Kim White, Family Council Parent

5. He always goes above and beyond


Big Brendan & Little Alijah (Matched since 2011), Mother Alithea, and Big Reed & Little Malcolm (Matched since 2014)

“My sons’ Bigs always have clear communication with me. They always follow up and just go above and beyond.” –Alithea Casimir, Family Council Parent

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