Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are CORE VALUES at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Massachusetts. We believe that we maximize our impact and truly thrive as an organization when perspectives are diverse, our culture is inclusive, and our practices model the equity we want to see in the world.

We accomplish OUR MISSION by operating in a way which strives to incorporate and value all voices and perspectives, including those across our varied identities and lived experiences.

We believe that building relationships between people from different parts of our community advances inclusion and equity.

The impact of our work lies in forging bonds between Bigs, Littles, and their families to promote understanding and learning. As a result, the fabric of our communities grows stronger – this is critical to our agency achieving its mission.


To advance our work in diversity, equity, and inclusion it is critical that we accept responsibility to actively work toward a more just and equitable society and that we learn from one another. This requires an openness to learn, a willingness to make mistakes, and embracing discomfort.

Using this approach, we are committed to actively engaging in ongoing learning, dialogue, and advocacy in diversity, equity and inclusion. This involves continuous conversations and engagement with our staff, Board, Bigs, Families, other community partners, and like-minded nonprofits.


Our work involves bringing diverse people together to develop close, personal relationships in which all parties can recognize, appreciate, and celebrate differences.

Through the experience within these relationships we are building the social and emotional attributes and skills kids need to thrive and reach their fullest potential. These outcomes happen through relationships which cannot effectively develop unless close, personal bonds form where differences are respected and can be explored.

Facilitating these conversations is a fundamental part of our role – with the goal of consistently growing the respect and understanding among the communities we serve.


We collaborate with and empower our stakeholders to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion for the long term. Prioritizing these efforts will have a positive impact on all connected to our agency work.


In an effort to advance our goals for diversity, equity, and inclusion, we:

  1. Are committed to ensuring, through a variety of practices and strategies, that we recruit and retain volunteers and staff members from diverse backgrounds.
  2. Are working to create a culture that makes all feel welcome, valued, empowered, and engaged.
  3. Engage in continuous learning as a staff through a staff-created resource bank, all-staff learning agendas and active participation in workshops and conferences on diversity, equity and inclusion.
  4. Continue to develop policies to address diversity, equity and inclusion in our organization such as creating a micro aggression policy.
  5. Have formed two staff-run committees with representation from all departments and levels of the agency. The goals of these committees are for ongoing staff engagement, learning and training, improving our practices, and identifying and proposing solutions to challenges that arise.
  6. Have formed a Diversity Task Force of our Board of Directors to address strategies to improve the diversity and inclusion of our Board of Directors.
  7. Engage our Family Council to advise our organization at all levels.