The mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Massachusetts is to partner with under-resourced families to provide their children with transformational, one-to-one professionally-supported relationships with caring adult mentors, so that their children will thrive.


Our vision is to inspire, engage and transform the communities of Eastern Massachusetts by helping youth achieve their full potential, contributing to healthier families, better schools, brighter futures and stronger communities.


RELATIONSHIPS  Relationships are the foundation of our work. We create the most impactful relationships when connections between our staff, Bigs, Littles, parents, partners, and supporters are significant and strong. 

TRUST  Every meaningful relationships is built on trust. We build trust through a rigorous commitment to honesty, transparency, respect, and equity.

REPRESENTATION AND INCLUSION  We maximize our impact and truly thrive as an organization when perspectives are diverse, our culture is inclusive, and our practices model the equity we want to see in the world.

Learn more about our approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

INNOVATION  We can’t stand still. Creativity, innovation, continuous learning, and a drive to improve enable us to make the greatest impact on as many children as possible. 

YOUTH OUTCOMES  We hold ourselves accountable for delivering measurable, long-lasting outcomes that clear a path to a child’s greatest possible future. 

RESULTS  Our work is urgent, so effort alone is not enough. We set ambitious goals and expect to meet them, because every child who needs a mentor deserves one.

COMMUNITY  Every community member is empowered to be a force for change in achieving our mission. Transformative change happens when everyone feels welcomed, seen, heard, and valued.


  • Youth safety is our number one priority.
  • Every young person has potential and together we must defend it.
  • Building relationships between people from different parts of our community advances inclusion and equity.
  • Our volunteer strategy leverages the human capital of our region, brings our community closer together, and creates the opportunity to impact more children.
  • Our volunteers are invaluable and their experience should be impactful, rewarding, and fun.
  • Parents are valued partners and we consider it an honor to be a part of their families.
  • The best environment to achieve our goals is one that is exuberant, collaborative, and fun. This dynamic should be shared and felt by everyone we engage with – especially our volunteers, the children we serve, and their families.