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Whether you were a Big or a Little, we want to help you find your other half or connect to other alumni!

Connect with Other Alumni

Tell us who you are, where you first connected with us and where you are now. We will be in touch to let you know about Alumni Members Only VIP benefits, marketing opportunities and other special offers that we’ll be making available this year. And as we look to grow or start alumni clubs, we’ll be sure to connect you with one in your area!

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Sometimes, life can take even the best of friends down different paths.

Social media is a great way to reconnect. Try posting a message on Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Massachusetts’ Facebook Timeline. Not sure what to say? Try something like this:

“I was a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters in (City, State, or Region) about (how many) years ago. I’m looking for my former (Big Brother, Big Sister, Little Brother, Little Sister, mentoring specialist) named (First Name). Can you help me Reunite Now? Please leave me a comment with any information you might have.”