Big 2 Big

Big2Big is a group of experienced and alumni Bigs that offers peer-to-peer friendship and mentoring to rookie Bigs.


As a means of helping Bigs thrive in their relationship with their Little, the Big League has established a program called “Big 2 Big Chat”. A group of experienced Bigs have volunteered to provide a listening ear to Bigs and can help the Big think more strategically about options and choices.

Each chat can be initiated at the request of the Big. It will be a 20 minute conversation with an experienced Big. If requested, the Match Support Advocate will select a specific experienced Big based on their profile. A follow-up chat with the same experienced Big is available if desired.

20% of matches end before reaching their first anniversary.

Is your match challenging? Want to learn how to overcome any major issues with your Big? Get the most out of your first year as a Big with a helpful sounding board.
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