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BBBSCCI Waiting Little of the Month – May 2023

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Name: Little Brother Dorian
Days Waiting: 682 (and counting)
Town: Buzzards Bay
Age: 10

Why I Want A Big: “It would be fun to have a Big who I could play basketball with. It would also be cool to have a Big Brother to hang out with!”

Personality: Dorian is a great kid with a big heart who likes to stay active. His family would describe him as: helpful, kind, easy-going and honest.

Interests: Dorian likes to stay active and one of his favorite things to do is play basketball. He also loves building, fishing and being outside. Dorian is also artistic and if he had three wishes would want: Spiderman Superpower, a Husky and a Camaro GT. While not a requirement, Dorian hopes his Big would be a fan of comic books!

Things You Can Do Together:
• Shoot some hoops together!
• Build something together!
• Go fishing this summer!
• Go to a skate park!

Why He Needs a Big: Dorian’s lives with his mom and siblings. Dorian’s mom hopes for a Big that would be a strong, positive male role model that he could form a relationship with. Dorian hopes for a Big that he can spend time with 1 on 1 and learn from.

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