Waiting Little of the Month: Meet Denahi


Waiting Little of the Month: Meet Denahi

by Sarah Adams
Posted September 27, 2023


Name: Little Brother Denahi

Days Waiting: 161 days (and counting!)

Town: East Falmouth

Age: 10

Why I Want A Big: “I want a Big that I can go on nature walks with and who also likes sports!”

About Denahi: Denahi is a loving and caring young man who likes being active. He likes football, baseball and basketball—and currently plays on a baseball team. He likes spending time outside and exploring new places and would love a Big Brother that could explore new places around the Upper Cape with him. Denahi describes himself as smart and is proud that he’s really improved his football skills!

Interests: Sports, being outside, and video games

Things You Can Do Together: 

  • Throw a football around!
  • Explore a new place around Falmouth together!
  • Go to the arcade!

Why He Needs a Big: Denahi lives with his mom and sister and having a Big Brother would really help to build his confidence and role model a healthy expression of emotions in everyday interactions. His mom would like him to have a Big Brother who he could look up to as a positive role model and show him his future is bright!



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