LGBTQ Youth Mental Health & Wellbeing

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Posted March 30, 2021

2019 national survey by the Trevor Project gathered critical information from 34,800 LGBTQ youth (ages 13-24) on their mental health challenges and the support systems they seek out most.  Some notable data:

  •   39% of LGBTQ youth seriously considered attempting suicide in the past twelve months
  •       71% of LGBTQ youth reported feeling sad or hopeless for at least 2 weeks in the past year

COVID-19 has had intense and serious implications on the mental health of LGBTQ youth. These implications include decrease in positive and safe social interactions and spaces, and a decrease in community services that have been overburdened by the heightened need in community services due to the pandemic (source: Trevor Project Implications of COVID-19 for LGBTQ Youth).

Good news out of this survey – LGBTQ youth disclose their sexual orientation and gender identity to their friends at the highest rate, but also to trusted adults.  

  •     93% share their sexual orientation & 85% share their gender identity with their LGBTQ friends
  •    87% share their sexual orientation & 59% share their gender identity with their straight friends 

76% of youth respondents indicated they would be somewhat to extremely likely to reach out via text in a crisis  

These statistics highlight the importance of organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters and the work of providing safe, supportive, caring friends and outlets to LBGTQ youth outside of their home.It also brings awareness to the critical need for organizations that provide out of the home support to LGBTQ youth to enroll more volunteer who identify as LGBTQ.


LGBT National Help Center – 

  •   Resources for youth to connect with others online and over the phone. Other resources include reading lists, film lists and glossary.
  •   Youth Talkline: 800-246-7743 or email: 

The Trevor Project – 

  •       3 minute video on recognizing warning signs and taking steps to support the youth in crisis




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