Match Spotlight: Meet Corey and Brady

by Kara Hopkins
Posted February 14, 2024

Big Brother Corey and Little Brother Brady have been matched for two and a half years. Together they showcase the impact of mentorship through friendship, fun, and a long standing and reliable relationship.

Let’s get to know them a little more!

First, let’s meet Big Brother Corey:

How did you first get involved with BBBS? –  Back in 2016 I joined the Bigs in Blue program and matched with a Little. A short time later I was asked to be on the Leadership Council for the Cape and Islands team which I was thrilled to do. Then a few years ago after my first Little left the program I was matched with Brady.

Describe the first time you met Brady – We met on Zoom the first time. He was hilarious. I could immediately tell he had a ton of energy and was a really good kid. It was a great match for both of us!

How has your relationship evolved over time? We have definitely become more like family! We challenge each other in whatever activity we are doing and he has become very competitive. I’ve enjoyed watching him grow up over the last few years.

What is a favorite activity/outing you do? – I would say anything outdoors and sports related. Either doing frisbee golf, pickleball, or some game we create.  We always seem to have a great time.

What would you say to someone considering being a Big? While it is a program to help youth, it’s so much more than that. Brady has taught me more about myself and it is truly a great experience each time we get together. It’s a just a few hours a month that make a huge impact in both you and your Little’s lives.

Next, let’s get to know Little Brother, Brady!

Brady met Corey for the first time over Facetime due to COVID restrictions. We had a 15 minute Facetime and we got to see his cat. Corey also mentioned that they would do some really fun things today. Their first official meeting was for a round of frisbee golf at the new frisbee golf course in Sandwich!

Brady mentions that Corey makes him feel happy and laugh a lot. They joke and give each other a hard time (in a good way).

Brady’s favorite memory with Corey was this past fall when he took him to his first Patriots game. A boy’s dream come true!  Brady got a signed note from one of the coaches and got to play catch with one of the players. Corey and Brady had previously met some Patriots players at a golf tournament last spring where they were able to chat, play catch and get some autographs.

Lastly, a quote from Brady’s mom, Allison:

“Personally, as a mom with a son who has lost his father, seeing this bond with another positive male is so uplifting. He is always in a constant smile and happy when they are together. Brady looks forward to their meet ups, with the next one a continuation of the Christmas arcade fun!

With Corey’s background as a police officer, Brady has been lucky enough to get a tour of a police car and many offerings to do some fun activities with the department. This program has been a blessing to give Brady an opportunity to have an extra friend/adult to help mentor and provide a safe environment to chat and have some fun without mom!”    

Corey and Brady are matched as part of our K9 Sgt. Sean M. Gannon Bigs with Badges program. To get involved and volunteer or sign up your child, please visit


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