Meet Beatriz and Jeanne of our NEW Mentor 2.0 Program!


Meet Beatriz and Jeanne of our NEW Mentor 2.0 Program!

by Kara Hopkins
Posted March 23, 2018

Beatriz and Jeanne have been matched at Boston Green Academy since October of 2016 in our Mentor 2.0 program. Get to know more about their experience, relationship, and the benefits of this new and innovative mentoring program below.  


How did you first get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters?

I had been volunteering with a few colleagues for a program called Citizens Schools. We taught how to build tech in the Chelsea school district. Although my colleagues and I found the program to be fulfilling, it was difficult to leave the office in the middle of the afternoon every week to attend. We began searching for new opportunities and Mentor 2.0 came up in my search.

Describe the first time you met your Mentee?

I actually was matched with someone else for my first class, but they ended up being unable to participate in the program. I do remember that Beatriz was very bubbly from the start, which is one of her best qualities in my opinion.

How would you describe your relationship with your Mentee?

Great! Each time I see her or write to her I have a smile on my face. It’s hard not to when you are speaking with such a bright, intelligent and hardworking kid like Beatriz. My full time job required that I temporarily relocate to one of our offices abroad for a few months. Initially I was concerned that Beatriz and I would grow apart with the distance, but to my surprise it ended up being quite the opposite! We made it a point to Skype once a month and write to each other regularly. When I finally saw her in person, it felt like no time had passed!

Has being a Mentor taught you anything? About yourself? About others?

So the saying ‘practice what you preach’ comes to mind. As a female working in the tech industry, more often times than not I’m the only lady in the room. When discussions are happening at the office, there are times when I lack the confidence to speak up and make sure that my voice is heard. Spending time with Beatriz, especially telling her that if she wants to become a software engineer she needs to build confidence, I realized that the best way I can do that is to walk the walk.

Do you have a favorite experience or memory so far with your Mentee?

My favorite memory with Beatriz is meeting with her at the close of the school year last year. She brought one of her many jewelry making kits with her, and she helped me to create a pair of earrings. We had so many laughs at my failed attempts and spent most of the time talking about how to get her jewelry making business off the ground!

Where do you see your relationship with your Mentee in a couple years? Is there anything you hope to instill?

I imagine myself sitting at a coffee shop nearby her college campus, catching up on how much fun she is having during her first semester in college! Beatriz is an incredibly bright and positive part of my life, and I hope that our Mentee and Mentor relationship will extend far beyond Mentor 2.0.


Describe the first time you met your Mentor?

The first time I met my mentor was great. I have never been more excited to meet someone like her. Within just a few minutes, we started to talk like we knew each other.

What has having a Mentor taught you about yourself?

Having a Mentor has taught me a lot about myself.  I am a person who does not let things like school, family, and my job get the best of me.

Is there a favorite memory you have with your Mentor so far?

One of my favorite memories I have with my Mentor so far is talking about what kinds of personalities we have.  I find it very interesting how we talk about how we act in our own lives.

What is one thing you’ve learned from your Mentor? (Can be in person, on the platform, in class. It can be related to your relationship with your mentor, or anything we have talked about over the last couple of years).

One thing I have learned from my Mentor is how much we have in common. We are able to talk about anything and she supports me.

How do you see your relationship with your Mentor developing over the course of High School?

I see my relationship with my Mentor developing over the course of High School. I hope we’ll be together for a long time and I hope we can chat after I graduate High School!

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