Staff Appreciation Spotlight – Kathryn Walter


Staff Appreciation Spotlight – Kathryn Walter

by Katie Walter
Posted March 21, 2024

Kathryn Walter – Community Engagement Intern

Imagine for a moment, a stereotypical intern; fetching coffees, making copies, perhaps creating a spreadsheet or two. Internships in any industry are often not very glamorous positions.  They can be hard to obtain and the role and tasks associated can seem trivial and unimportant to the company’s mission. Although this may be the reality for many college students, my internship experience at Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Eastern Massachusetts has been nothing short of extraordinary.

From the moment I joined Big Brothers Big Sisters, I was welcomed into a community driven by a shared passion for empowering youth. Since the beginning, it has been far more than an internship, but a place where every voice within the agency is honored and heard. For the entirety of my time thus far, I have always been treated like a member of the team. From being encouraged to actively participate and lead recruitment meetings, to sharing my successes in work in marketing, I have never once felt like the stereotypical “intern”.

Being a part of the Community Engagement team has allowed me to gain invaluable experience in both Recruitment and Marketing. My daily tasks have ranged from crafting various social posts, creating content, editing slide decks, to playing an active role in recruitment information sessions. Which has given me an unprecedented amount of experience as a student intern.

One of the most rewarding aspects of working at BBBSEM is understanding the impact of the mission, which extends far beyond the mentor-mentee relationship. It’s about building a supportive community where every child feels valued and supported. Whether it’s the organization of fundraising events like Big Night, coordinating volunteer initiatives, or collaborating with local businesses and organizations, community engagement lies at the heart of the BBBSEM mission.

In addition to how rewarding this position has been, it has also taught me many very valuable lessons. Primarily the importance of adaptability and resilience. In this fast-paced and ever-changing environment, being able to pivot quickly and problem-solve has been essential to my role here. Whether it’s overcoming logistical challenges, navigating obstacles, or learning different marketing and recruitment strategies, every day has presented me with new opportunities to learn and grow in this organization.

Although my time at BBBSEM is not over yet, my journey on the Community Engagement team has been exceedingly transformative. Every day, I am inspired by the staff and their commitment to mentorship and serving the community. I will certainly carry with me the lessons learned and the memories made, knowing that I’ve played a small part in something truly remarkable.

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