Thank You, Interns!


Thank You, Interns!

by Administrator
Posted August 25, 2020

BOSTON, MAAs the summer comes to a close, so does our internship program. We were lucky to have several interns from different schools joining us for the summer. Read all about them below! 


Cayley Bliss

Department you’re interning in: Enrollment and Match Departments
College: Boston College
Major: Clinical Psychology
Favorite part of your internship experience: “This summer, I have really enjoyed interviewing our amazing volunteer mentor and youth mentee candidates. I’ve been able to fine-tune some of my go-to interview jokes and adapt to many different personalities. Above all else, I have absolutely loved uniting Bigs and Littles for years of friendship!”



Nicole Durand

Department you’re interning in: Program Services
College: Providence College
Major: Global Studies and Business Management
Favorite part of your internship experience: “Getting the opportunity to meet and work alongside amazing, passionate, and driven people.”



Kayla Kaloostian

Department you’re interning in: Community Engagement and Recruitment
College: Boston College
Major: Applied Psychology and Human Development
Favorite part of your internship experience: “I’m so grateful that I’m getting the chance to learn from the dedicated and smart individuals propelling the mission of BBBS of Eastern Massachusetts forward. I’m so lucky to be associated with an organization that works so hard each day to help as many children in need as possible.”



Haley Kopfler 

Department you’re interning in: Fundraising Special Events
College: Boston College
Major: Communication

Favorite part of your internship experience: “Working with so many amazing and helpful people!”


Will Robertson

Department you’re interning in: Development
College: Lawrence University in Appleton, WI
Major: Psychology
Favorite part of your internship experience: “My favorite part of interning so far is getting to know everyone in the agency. You have all made it so easy for me to adjust and navigate through projects, and have always been available for questions I have. Having weekly intern catch-ups has made it fun to learn about what other interns are doing and to see how the other departments of the agency work.”


Natasha Rodriguez

Department you’re interning in: Community Engagement and Recruitment
College: Boston College
Major: Marketing

Favorite part of your internship experience: “I have really enjoyed working alongside people who are so passionate about the BBBS mission and strive to change children’s’ lives for the better. I have truly felt inspired by every conversation I have had with the people at this agency. I look forward to continuing to support the BBBS mission!”


Lizzy Topper

Department you’re interning in: Program Services
College: Brandeis University
Major: Sociology
Favorite part of your internship experience: “My favorite part of the internship is the people I am getting to meet (even virtually)! I also love the perspectives of the Littles such as hearing how much fun all the Littles are having with their Big or getting to see how excited Littles get when they are officially matched at match meetings!”




Emily Van Grinsven

Department you’re interning in: Program Services
College: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Major: Sociology

Favorite part of your internship experience: “My favorite part of working as an intern for BBBSEM is being a part of the matching process. I have had the opportunity to pre-match and find potential “Littles” and see them meet their “Big” for the first time in a match meeting. It is rewarding to witness the relationships that are flourishing and the profound impact it has on youth development.” 


Beth Weisbach

Department you’re interning in: People and Culture
College: Boston College
Major: I am finishing up my MBA
Favorite part of your internship experience: “Connecting with all of the different people in the agency.”



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