Becoming a Big is more important now than ever as COVID-19 continually changes life for our community.  Thousands of our volunteer Bigs are connecting with their Littles online, bringing joy and levity into a challenging time for many vulnerable families.

Right now, there are hundreds of young kids all over Eastern Massachusetts looking for someone to be a mentor, guide, and friend. We’re currently enrolling and interviewing all prospective Bigs online so you can start your journey to defending the potential of a child today. It could be the most rewarding thing you’ve done. Once enrolled, we’ll match you with your Little virtually so you can begin connecting online!

When you fill out this form:

  • We’ll reach out to you!
  • Tell us about yourself. What kind of Little would you be interested in mentoring? What are your interests?
  • The program is pretty flexible but we’ll talk more about the requirements.
  • Ask questions!