10 Easy Eats to make with Your Little


10 Easy Eats to make with Your Little

Posted August 5, 2016

Cooking with your Little is the perfect way to bond over a tasty treat. You work together, creating something new from scratch, and (if everything goes as planned!) you get a yummy snack at the end. Tie on your apron and check out these fun ideas for treats and get cookin’:

1. Make Your Own Pizza

If you and your Little are in the mood for something on the savory side, have fun with creating your own pizza. Spread some sauce and pile on as many toppings as you see fit; it’s your culinary master piece! Still brushing up on your dough tossing skills? Grab a loaf of French bread or some bagels for your base

2. Candy Clay 


For something sweeter, create colorful sculptures out of candy clay. You and your Little can make as many colors as you want to create your own edible art. Take it up a notch and try to make each other’s faces out of candy clay and see how whacky they come out!

3. Fruitsicles


Need a way to chill out on a hot day? Grab a few plastic cups, popsicle sticks, your favorite fruit juices, and any fruit you’d like. Mix fruit and juices in the cups, add a stick, and let them freeze for a few hours while you play a game or watch a movie. You’ll have a sweet frozen treat in no time!

4. Decorate Your Own Cake 


It doesn’t have to be someone’s birthday to bake a cake =) Have fun mixing ingredients to make a cake from scratch or follow the directions on the box, and then let your creative side take over to decorate the cake in a way that suits you and your Little’s personal style. Frosting, fruit, candy, sprinkles—only you know what your heart desires in the perfect cake!

5. Sweet Sushi 


The words “sweet” and “sushi” may seem a bit fishy to you, but fear not! this is a recipe you and your Little will have fun eating and even more fun creating. All you need are rice crispy treats, fruit strips, and your choice of candy. The rest is up to you! Edible chopsticks anyone?

6. Chocolate Covered Bananas 


Put your own twist on a crowd favorite. Buy a bushel of bananas, popsicle sticks, chocolate (milk, white, or dark) and any of your favorite toppings (dried fruit, nuts, sprinkles, coconut; the possibilities are endless), then get to dipping!

7. Any Crispy Treat 


You’ve probably heard of the rice crispy treat, but you can make a crispy treat using pretty much any cereal or crunchy snack you could think of. Coco puffs, crushed pretzels, crushed cookies, you choose! Follow the traditional rice crispy treat recipe and add your own spin to for a gooey mouthful of your crunchy creation.

8. Baked Donut Sticks 


Make your own donuts using this fun recipe with a tasty twist. Heads up, there is a wait time for the dough to rise, so you and your Little can play a game or go for a walk while the dough is being prepped. You’re going to need to work up an appetite to chow down on these doughy delites!

9. Chocolate Chip Cookies 


Bake up this classic, sweet treat and have a snack to share with your friends and family. If you follow any chocolate chip cookie recipe, you usually end up with cookies galore. Take this opportunity for you and your Little to spread the wealth. Bring the cookies to your Little’s neighborhood or the local fire house and make someone’s day that much better!

10. Honey Bread


Does your Little knead something hands on? This honey bread is a simple recipe that takes a bit of work and elbow grease to prepare before sticking it in the oven. Once thoroughly baked, let it cool off for a bit then butter it up while it’s still warm for a soulful snack.

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