10 Match Photos That Will Inspire You To Be A Big


10 Match Photos That Will Inspire You To Be A Big

Posted May 6, 2016

The BBBSMB Match Support Facebook page is a great way to easily communicate with employees here at BBBSMB, as well as other Bigs! You can ask questions about challenges you are facing, look for outing ideas, and best of all…share your fun times together! We highlight just a few of the many amazing moments our Bigs and Littles share in today’s blog post, and don’t forget to post more of these moments in the group or on our main page in the future! Maybe you could be featured in our next blog post!

1) “My little Brianna and I went to the Clayroom in Brookline for the second time! She’s painted two mugs one for her grandma and now one for her mom. Such a great gift idea for your little” – Big Allison


2) “My Little Myles and I volunteered to help cook soup and decorate at Lazarus House in Lawrence, MA. We had a really great time and Myles seemed to really enjoy the experience and also see the value in it. At one point he said, completely unsolicited, “this was a really good idea, we’re helping others and really helping ourselves.” The wisdom of children, right?!” -Big Brother Mark12512348_1106494369382424_7116898938822860347_n

3) “My little and I had some fun splashing around the water experiments at the museum of science this weekend – she finished all three buoyancy challenges, wooo!” -Big Diana


4) “Josiah and I crushed the Cambridge Spring Classic 5k this morning! And it was his first 5k ever! We both finished, and treated ourselves to a burger afterwards!” -Big Brett


5) “Thanks BBBSMB for the Celtics suite tickets!! Daniel and I had a great time. I’m not sure which part he enjoyed more…the game itself or all the free food!!” – Big Paul


6) “I was finally able to see Maddy again! We made scrapbooks to remember all the fun things we’ve done”- Big Dylan


7) “Took Renalido to the New England boat show over the weekend. It’s cool to chill and enjoy the waters”- Big Cheuk


8)”Kaedyn and I volunteered in Strong water farm this weekend. Great time” – Big Moody


9) “Antonio and I clowned around at Big Apple Circus today. So much fun” – Big Cory


10) “Tyler and I had a great time today at the Boston Bikes event – and he got a sweet new bike with matching helmet!”- Big Gabriel


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