Honey Dew Donuts® And Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay Bake Up A Sweet New Partnership!


Honey Dew Donuts® And Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay Bake Up A Sweet New Partnership!

by Kara Hopkins
Posted June 18, 2018

S’Mores donuts and special Honey Dew sponsored match events are in the recipe for this fun and impactful new friendship.

Plainville, Mass. (June 2018) –  It’s a perfect Match! Honey Dew Donuts® announced today it will begin a multi-year partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay to help raise funds to support programming and infrastructure for the oldest and most successful mentoring program in the nation.

Throughout the partnership, Honey Dew will feature Big Brothers Big Sisters branding on their coffee cups and in stores, as well as host special events for Big and Little Matches involved in the program. The tastiest part of the partnership will be the official donut of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay…a S’mores Donut with chocolate frosting, graham cookies, and marshmallows! It’s a classic favorite that brings even the oldest kids back to the sights and smells of a summer campfire. Additional fundraising efforts will also be announced at a later date.

“We’ve always known about the amazing work Big Brothers Big Sisters does for our communities, by bringing thousands of children together with the right ‘Big’ brother or sister, to create a healthy and positive adult-child relationship. I, myself, served as a Big Brother for many years and know how special and necessary this program is. We are eager for our new partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters, as we know it will do extraordinary things,” said Richard Bowen, President of Honey Dew.

“We are grateful for Honey Dew’s support of our mission to change the lives of children while enabling healthier families, better schools and stronger communities for all,” said Wendy Foster, CEO and President of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay. “With an expanding presence across New England, Honey Dew has a stellar reputation within the communities they serve. We are thrilled to partner and connect with their network of loyal customers, employees and franchisees, along with having an excuse to indulge in the S’mores donut all summer long!”


About Honey Dew Donuts®

Founded in 1973 by Richard Bowen, Honey Dew Donuts® is one of New England’s largest locally owned coffee and donut franchises, with over 130 locations in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. For more information, visit www.honeydewdonuts.com.  Honey Dew Donuts® is a registered trade name of Honey Dew Associates, Inc. Stay in touch by becoming a fan of Honey Dew Donuts® on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

About Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay is an innovative, energetic organization that is making a real difference in the lives of more than 3,000 youth annually by providing them with an invested, caring adult mentor. With research and proven outcomes at its core, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay is working to ensure every child has the support from caring adults that they need for healthy development and success in life. The organization’s vision is to inspire, engage and transform communities in Massachusetts Bay by helping youth achieve their full potential, contributing to healthier families, better schools, brighter futures and stronger communities. For more information about this worthwhile cause and its important mission, visit www.massbaybigs.org.

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