How to Mentor: 10 Tips from 10 Big Brothers


How to Mentor: 10 Tips from 10 Big Brothers

Posted July 28, 2014

Ten experienced Big Brothers share ten helpful tips on how to mentor your Little through the beginning of a match. Remember, research shows that a match of just one year can make a huge difference in the life of a child, so have fun and let your friendship grow.

michael 1. “Just to be yourself, and do things that you enjoy and act like yourself.” – Michael
2. “Be a really active listener, because your Little will teach you things that you could never have imagined about life and about yourself.” – Steve steve
mike 3. “Look for ways to encourage [your Little] to keep an open mind. Try new activities or foods that he’s never tried before” – Mike


4. “Relax and have fun… Be a positive influence through your own actions as opposed to try and convince them to do certain things by force.” – Matt matt
marcel 5. “Get together once every two or three weeks… Be consistent and show up when you say you’re going to be there.” – Marcel
6. “Don’t be afraid to be open with your likes… and listen to his. You might be surprised by what you have in common. Remember it’s all for fun.” – Scott scott
brendan 7. “I don’t think you need to overcomplicate things. You’re a mentor, but ultimately, it should be an outlet for both of you to have fun.  I think everything else falls in place after that.” – Brendan
8. “Don’t let silence be a burden… Sooner or later they are going to open up.” – Randy randy
jon 9. “Don’t try too hard when it comes to thinking of outings. Remember that they don’t have to be elaborate or super flashy; they just have to be a chance for you and your Little to spend time together and talk. ” – Jon
10. “Stick with it and reach out for help when you need it.” – Cameron cameron
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